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Shall I tell you what was the most moving work of visual art I ever saw?  Sure, why not?   DeviantArt is the only place I have been writing about art, lately. 
No, I'm not going to talk about Michaelangelo's Pietà, though I have seen that.  I don't know the name of the artist whose little clay sculpture I shall describe. 
In those days I was a musician in the band. One evening as we proceeded on stage, we passed through a room that served as a workshop or studio for art. There were several pieces of art in the process of creation: paintings partly finished still sitting in easels, or clay sculptures left on worktables.   There was the usual disarray of artists' supplies (brushes, paint, canvases, etc.) scattered about. 
One piece in particular caught my eye. 
It was an unfired clay sculpture, about nine inches tall, of the head of a man in his twenties or so. It was very well done, in the style of realistic naturalism.
The head was slightly tilted back. His eyes were looking upward, as if trying to see something. His mouth hung open slackly, gaping as if he were surprised, or in stunned disbelief. His expression was one of sadness and bewilderment. 
He could not see what he was trying to see, though everyone else could. What he was trying to see, without the aid of a mirror, was his own forehead. In the center of which was a hole. 
It was a metaphor, of course. A personal expression of the artist's innermost thoughts and feelings. 
The building in which we were playing a concert that night was a mental hospital. We were playing our music for the patients. 


The Sanskrit word for the female aspect of the divine.  ( )

The word conveys one-half of the way women have been portrayed by men in art since time immemorial.  The other half is of course less sacred: the "loose woman."  I guess the latter depiction is the other part of what's been called the "madonna-whore" complex.  (… )

Maybe there should be a website where one can discuss this archtypal male ambivalence to the Fairer Sex.  But such a site would have to have a catchy name.   What could it be called?  

How about  "Devi an' Tart", short for "Devi and Tart"?   I don't know if apostrophes are allowed so maybe we can just squish it together to get "deviantart". 

I wonder if that name has already been taken.



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